Protect Students from


to stay safe in the Digital Era

In the era of widespread digital interaction, cyberbullying has become a significant threat to students’ well-being. The need for comprehensive digital education is paramount in equipping students with the skills to prevent and effectively respond to cyberbullying. By fostering digital literacy and resilience, these efforts not only mitigate immediate concerns but also empower students to navigate the online world confidently and safely. In the intersection of education and digital awareness lies a crucial pathway to safeguarding students and promoting a positive digital experience.
Recognising the urgency of this issue, initiatives like the SafeOnline project within the Erasmus+ framework aim to address it head-on.

Our goals

– Encourage and empower all students (including those with fewer opportunities) to react appropriately to cyberbullying incidents by providing them with the necessary skills, knowledge and competences;

– Build the capacity of educators, school leaders and school staff to organise and implement activities to combat cyberbullying;

– Improve digital skills, resilience, and self-esteem of students;

– Develop innovative pedagogical material and digital resources to promote students’ digital resilience and wellbeing.